Style Does Not Affect IQ

Business, Fashion, & Leadership

“Don’t let fashion own you. You decide what you are.”

Gianni Versace (2020), Vogue

A style-loving, neurodivergent, navigating the business world of neurotypicals and until now, they had no idea. Follow the journey of Susan Yu, an MBA scholar at London Business School who has been diagnosed at 42 years, as being neurodivergent.

Well known by her peers for questioning social norms, (even before it was popular). Susan writes about challenges in the business world, especially when it comes to her avant-garde inspired style and how doing things differently landed her where she is today.


“It’s not high maintaince if what I ask for is equal to, but NOT more than, what others ask for.”

Susan Yu (2021), The Fashionable CEO

Susan Yu is a qualified pharmaceutical scientist, has a BSc in osteopathic medicine, is an MBA London Business School scholar, and is President of the LBS Board Fellows Programme in fostering leadership.

She is an entrepreneur, pivoting into the Venture Capitalist sector and furthering her career in private equity investment. Whilst being an advocate of equality and sustainability.

Through experiences, Susan realised that being stylistically different, did not always mix well in business. It’s a social norm that she long felt was illogical and (now finally) outdated. To create awareness in this space, she founded this blog in 2021 on how doing things differently, fashionably and unapologetically, helped her in business and life as a neurodivergent alpha.

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