Sustainable Success

Sustainable Success

Find your winning edge, achieve it long-term, create a social impact.

For motivated individuals that aspire to be successful long term, and create a social impact.

Susan Yu is the Fashionable CEO. Expert on sustainable success and social impact. Follow her transformation journey to becoming an author. Sharing expertise on how doing things differently, fashionably, and unapologetically, developed her winning edge, long-term success & create a social impact.

The key to success is to develop a winning edge.”

Brian Tracy, CEO

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Coco Chanel, Fashion Designer

Susan is an Executive MBA London Business School scholar who writes about challenges in business, and how to overcome them, to build long-term success and create a social impact. Where her avant-garde style, and doing things differently, helped develop her winning edge and made her the success she is today.

Having navigated the business world, where narcissistic behaviour, power struggles, and biases are rife. This style-loving, right-brain entrepreneur, with left-brain degrees, invites you to follow her author journey. Creating a playbook on how to achieve and use sustainable success to build true wealth in all dimensions, whilst creating. a social impact. Breaking down real-life challenges that are not taught in the classroom.


Susan Yu, The Fashionable CEO.  Expert in sustainable success and how to achieve it.

“Sustainable success is a long road, but the true wealth and social impact it brings is worth it.”

Susan Yu, The Fashionable CEO

Susan Yu is an Executive MBA London Business School scholar. Her main work experiences and interests are in social impact start-ups, entrepreneurship, and mentoring others who are interested in self-growth. She is continuously working on her ventures, whilst being an advocate of diversity, equality, and giving back.

Susan is a qualified Pharmaceutical Scientist and has a BSc in Osteopathic Medicine. Her board member roles include Board Advisor to the LBS Board Fellows Programme, where she was previously president, continously helping foster new leaders of the future.


Early on, Susan realised that being stylistically different (or just different) did not mix well with business or societal rules. It was later on in life, and after many challenges, she discovered her difference was a strength and the key to her long-term success. To help others do the same, she’s currently writing a book on how to achieve sustainable success, create a social imapct and build wealth in all aspects of life. Sharing her thought-provoking frameworks, and valuable insights for the very first time.

Follow Susan’s author journey, and discover how doing things differently, fashionably, and unapologetically, further developed her winning edge and achieved long-term success against all odds.

Mission Statement

Empowering generations to achieve sustainable success and create a social impact to build true wealth in all aspects of life.

“Success is NOT what you have but who you are.”

Bo Bennett, CEO

Sustainable Success, Social Impact & How to Achieve it.

Susan is a huge supporter of the sustainability and slow fashion movement. Her hobbies include upcycling preloved designer handbags where all profits are donated to charity.

To help give back, you can purchase these one-of-a-kind luxury upcycled handbags. Where all profits will be donated to charitable social impact causes.

“Success is liking yourself, what you do & how you do it.”

Maya Angelou, Author & Civil Rights Activist